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Welcome to, the website where you can learn everything about fingerprinting, its history, and its present day use. contains informative and useful articles on the subjects of Human Fingerprinting, DNA Fingerprinting, Fingerprinting Services, and Fingerprinting Products.
Human Fingerprints
Fingerprints have been used as a means of identification dating back well over two thousand years. Over the past century, the fingerprinting process has become more sophisticated, and it has been put to many more uses. Learn the science behind the fingerprint. Read more...

DNA Fingerprints
Since the discovery of DNA fingerprinting in 1985, there has been tremendous progress made in the methodology of extracting DNA samples. The main types of DNA fingerprinting methods are RFLP, PCR, AmpFLP, and STR. Read more...
Fingerprinting Services
Notaries public, mobile notaries, and live scan fingerprinting are three popular fingerprinting services for commercial, personal, and legal documents. These services use fingerprinting to verify, authenticate, and identify their customers. Read more...

Fingerprinting Products
There are various products that utilize fingerprinting to enhance our daily lives. Fingerprint time clocks, scanners, door locks, safes, kits, powder, and ink pads are a few of the products available for personal, commercial, and government use. Read more...

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